Computer Network Maintenance

Technology is increasing in the current era, making most of the work we do requires a good computer network installation for the smooth running of a business or business. Understanding a computer network is a network that is connected to each client and server. How do you take care of your computer network ? Previously, both users and network administrators had to know how to properly care for computer networks, especially for administrators. How to maintain a computer network is not easy, you have to know the process and stages of how the computer network process runs on each system, program or software and hardware.

To maintain and maintain a computer network routinely required, we must know some of the hardware in the computer network such as server computers, client computers, HUB / Switches, routers, network cables, and other connectors. In some of the components mentioned above, it is necessary to be maintained and cared for so that the network that has been installed actually functions properly. Here are tips for caring for computer networks:

  1. Server Computer Maintenance

The server computer is the control center for the client computer, where the server computer always serves requests from the client continuously. Maintenance on the server is very important because the server is the data storage center for the client. Where it is necessary to do data backup regularly, it could be once a month, once a week, or once every 2 days. depending on the performance of the server itself. That was done because the server worked 24 hours nonstop. If necessary, the server computer must have a backup or replacement server, so that if there is damage to the main server computer there will be a replacement.

  1. Maintenance On Switch

A switch is a device in a computer network that functions as an intermediary in a computer network. If there is damage to the Switch, the computer network will not be able to communicate between the server and client and client and client. We recommend that the Switch performance must be checked periodically, and place the Switch in a place that is not dusty and cold temperature so that the Switch can work optimally.

  1. Network Cable Maintenance

Network cables have a very important role in a computer network because without the installation of a network cable, a computer network will not be created. Usually the damage to the network cable occurs because the position of the cable placement is not protected from rodents such as rats, if the cable is torn or damaged by being bitten by a mouse, it will affect network performance even to the point that it does not connect to the internet if the cable damage is severe.

  1. Client Computer Maintenance

Basically client computers do not really have an important role in the network such as server computers. Because if there is damage to one client computer it will not be affected on other client computers. But the client computer must also be maintained and maintained regularly, for example, defragmenting, cleaning temporary files, scanning for viruses, deleting installer files that are still left behind or not uninstalled properly.

Broadly speaking, the 4 ways to maintain computer networks above are things that are done for  computer network maintenance services. Hopefully this computer network maintenance article helps an IT support understand the basic steps that are how to maintain a computer network so that the network can work maximally