Types of CCTV Camera Types:

  1. Ptz Camera

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PTZ stands for PAN TILT ZOOM , PAN camera’s ability to move left and right, TILT’s camera’s ability to move up and down, ZOOM’s camera’s ability to enlarge images up to several times, this type of PTZ camera is commonly used to monitor areas that are Using 1 camera, this makes it easier for CCTV supervisors to monitor using 1 camera, because PTZ cameras can rotate automatically or manually move through the controller.

  1. Dome Camera
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    The name Dome was taken because of its dome-like shape (in English), the aim was that the direction of the CCTV camera was not visible or hidden but visible to the naked eye. The dome camera that is usually sold is a fixed type camera, which is a camera that only points in one direction, but there is also a dome type camera that can rotate quickly ” Speed ​​Dome “, the price of cctv is relatively much more expensive than the dome fix camera type .
  2. Bullet Camera
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    This type of cctv is usually used in indoor ( indoor cam ) and outdoor ( outdoor cam ), of course one of the standards that must be met is water resistance. Bullet camera mounted on a wall or sky. This type of camera is not designed to have pan / tilt / zoom control and is a fixed type camera with the aim of capturing images from a fixed area.
  3. Box Camera

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Having the ability to zoom by placing the installation in a vertical plane, the disadvantage of this type of camera requires lighting to be able to capture images clearly. You can use infrared with additional tools and use an infrared lens on this camera and it would be better if the camera box is equipped with a camera housing when it is still within your reach.

  1. Board Camera
    board camera
    Usually connected to a computer or other media on average has a low resolution, because usually the camera board is used for standard teleconferencing applications.
  2. Day / Night Camera
    Day / night type cameras change various light conditions to be adapted to direct sunlight, strong backlight, reflections have a wide dynamic range, use day / night cameras are usually installed in locations that have excessive lighting and at night have sufficient light. .
  3. Spy Camera
    It is called a spy camera or a convert camera because it is intended for spying. It comes in various forms: clocks, smoke detectors, pens and many more.
  4. Ip Camera / Network Camera

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IP / network type cameras, either wired or wirelessly, can be installed easily, on average the IP camera has a higher image resolution level than analog cctv cameras , but there are several conditions that must be met in using an IP camera such as the location area to be used. installed a wireless type ip cam must be covered by a wireless internet network, and for a type of ip camera with a cable the distance of the cable withdrawal to the switch hub / router is only 80-100 meters using a utp cable. Some of the disadvantages of this type of camera are : 1. Because it has a high resolution it requires a larger hard drive capacity, 2. The price of an IP cam is relatively more expensive than a CCTV camera. analog, 3. Requires additional equipment for signal receiver amplifiers (for remote locations or many obstacles), 4. Requires an understanding of Internet configuration when installing a large number of IP cameras.

  1. Wireless Camera
    Not all wireless cctv cameras are IP based, some wireless cameras can use alternative models in wireless transmission
  2. HD (High-definition) Camera
    Cameras with HD specifications are unquestionable for image quality, High-Definition cameras with digital zoom capability help cctv cameras / Ip Cams enlarge images with great clarity.
  3. Outdoor Camera
    The essence of the outdoor camera itself is a camera that can withstand all weather conditions, has good materials, is waterproof, airtight to prevent dust from entering, can also use the camera housing as a tool to protect the camera.
  4. Varifocal Camera
    A cctv camera that has a varifocal lens that can be enlarged or adjusted manually without changing the camera’s focus point
  5. IR (Infrared Camera)

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Also called a night vision camera , a camera that can see at night and even darkness using an IR LED light, Infrared camera produces black and white images at night.