Network Installation Services

Avoid Problems With Professional Network Installation Services

Networking Solution
Internet computer network installation services , Wifi, Access point, LAN, Server, Mikrotik settings, Windows and Linux installation, manufacture of towers for offices, buildings, factories, hospitals, malls, internet cafes. Following is the formation of a network topology to create a network system that integrates properly and correctly.

LAN Management
WLAN Management
WAN Management
Server Integration
Network Consulting Services
Network Implementation Services
Cable pulling services
Network Installation Services
Access Point
Term and Condition
Scope of Network Installation Services:

Internet, LAN, utp, telephone network cable withdrawal services
Wifi internet network installation services (hot spot area)
Wireless backbone cable replacement
Termination and labeling of cables
Optical time-domain reflectometer test
Program server network integration
Patch Panel
Point to point access point
Establishment and design of office network topology
Mikrotik Installation Scope:

Internet bandwidth management.
Configure bandwidth for file download and website browsing.
Proxy server configuration increases internet browsing speed.
Network-based hardware management, ethernet, wireless.
Management of the number of hotspot users in the network.
User management
Bandwidth Monitoring
Billing system

Access Point Installation Scope

Mikrotik Point To Point Wireless Setting Services
Mikrotik Point to Multipoint Wireless Setting Services
Mikrotik Wireless Load balancing Setting Services
Wireless Repeater Setting Services
Mikrotik Router Setting Services
Dhcp server and security
Mac Filfering
Tariff for network installation with the scope of offices, buildings, factories, malls, hospitals or other large buildings that have a higher level of difficulty has different prices.
Network installations outside Jakarta or Bekasi are subject to accommodation fees.
Network installation installation guarantee is 3 weeks after Trial Error. payment system is 50% Dp, repayment at the end of work.
Network install services outside the cables and devices used.
At the end of the network installation project , you will have a standard cabling system, a labeling and routing scheme, a comprehensive test report and documentation.