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Cctv Install Services

Determining and planning the right cctv installation , starting from designing the location plan of the cctv camera (IP Cam) installation points, the formation of a cctv cable network installation scheme and electricity, withdrawing cctv or utp cables, setting dvr to selecting the type of cctv camera or ip cam The right one and according to your needs and finances is part of the CCTV installation services that we do.

The way to monitor Cctv Cameras online or live, requires a public IP, but currently public IP is difficult to find, the alternative is to use DDNS, for those who have no DDNS or Icloud available on a DVR device.

Our cctv install service guarantee is 3 weeks after the cctv installation is declared to have gone well and correctly. During the warranty period for cctv installation services, you will not be charged extra for cctv network repair services, from what you have paid before. For regular maintenance of IP Cam / CCTV for companies, offices, buildings and CCTV maintenance rates

Below is an example of a simple scheme for cctv installation when using a UPS, where each floor has its own electrical panel.

cctv install services

Price of CCTV Installation Services – CCTV Repair
Jakarta, Bekasi, Depok area: Rp. 250,000, – (minimum 4 cameras)
Bogor, Tangerang, Cikarang, Bandung and in Indonesia additional accommodation and transportation costs
Online DVR setting service (via remote PC) Rp. 300.000, – * excluding DNS if needed
On the spot dvr setting service Rp. 400,000, –
Jakarta Survey Rp. 200,000, – Bekasi (Rp. 150,000)
Cctv Cable Price Rp. 8,000, – / meter
Cctv Adapter Price @ Rp. 45,000, –
Jack Dc Male @ Rp. 7,000, –
Jack Dc Female @ Rp. 7.000, –
Connector @ Rp. 7,000, –
Singel BNC @ Rp. 7,000, –
Optional costs for CCTV installation:
Price of small cable duct (cable protector) Rp. 13,000, – / meter
Power Supply for 4 Channel cctv cameras (Pure) @ Rp. 550.000, –
Power Supply for 8 Channel cctv cameras (Pure) @ Rp. 850.000, –
Power Supply for 16 Channel cctv cameras (Pure) @ Rp. 1.350.000, –

Cctv note installation:

The type of cctv cable used is 1 cable with 2 functions, namely video and power, so that it saves more costs and maintains neatness in the CCTV installation.

Types of cctv cables in medium range, have good quality image quality of 100m – 150m with standard magnetic field conditions.

The cctv power supply as a substitute for the cctv adapter is useful for controlling the electrical settings of cctv and dvr cameras, as well as maintaining electrical safety from short circuits, because it is equipped with a circuit breaker.
Cctv or IP cam installation services for factories, buildings, offices, malls, hospitals, lifts, other buildings that have a high difficulty level, are subject to extra costs for cctv installation services in Jakarta , Bekasi, Depok (free survey) and for cctv installation services in the Cikarang, Depok, Tangerang, Bogor, Bandung and surrounding areas a survey fee is charged.

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